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Modern English Movies Edition ($75)
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95% of English learners want to:
- learn modern words and expressions for better communication
- watch and understand movies in the original language
- feel confident while travelling

We have the solution to these three problems!
Travel English
Modern English Movies Edition
Modern words and expressions from your favorite movies
Grammatical constructions that are used by popular TV series characters
Differences between American and British English
Cultural characteristics of different countries and begin to understand the jokes and content of the films better
Words and expressions for communicating in different situations (at the airport, in the hotel, at the bar, in public transportation)
Top rules to follow when communicating with foreigners when traveling
Cultural characteristics of representatives of different countries
Top tips that will help resolve conflict situations with the help of English
The cost of the course is $75
The cost of the course is $65
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Package consisting of two courses Travel English with Annglish and Modern English Movies Edition