Annglish Bundle
Travel English with Annglish (50$) +
Modern English Starter (60$) =60$

Get 2 courses for the price of 1!

95% of English learners want to:
- learn to speak English without hesitation
- get rid of the language barrier
- communicate fluently in English while travelling

We have the solution to these three problems!

Solution 1:Modern English Starter course
  • Master top grammar topics and building blocks for everyday communication so that you can speak fluently in any situation
  • Learn phrases and expressions that native speakers use
  • Make your speech more clear and correct
  • You will practice speaking and take the first steps to get rid of the language barrier
Modern English Starter course fee 60 $
  • Learn words and expressions to be able to communicate in different situations (at the airport, at a hotel, in a bar, in transit)
  • Top rules for communicating with foreigners while travelling
  • Cultural characteristics 
  • Top-tips to help resolve conflict situations using English
The cost of the Travel English with Annglish course is 50$
Get 2 courses for only 60$! *

* discount is valid for the first 40 places
Package of two courses Travel English with Annglish and Modern English Starter
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