Effective communication across cultures for remote-first teams
Get better at understanding your remote team and getting your message across
We help you get the most out of your remote teams

Meet Anna Gandrabura, the founder of Annglish and English For IT. For 10 years Anna has coached and trained business leaders and teams to be more effective communicating cross-culturally

Anna started English For IT to address the #1 issue facing global remote-first organizations. Companies have outsourced their IT, product development, and engineering to reduce costs, however, they never fully realize their return on investment. Why? Because the cross-cultural communication barrier prevents teams from performing as productively as on-shore culturally homogenous teams.

We will assist you by developing custom evergreen communication strategies to ensure your message gets received, correctly, the first time.
Why you need us
You made the initial investment by outsourcing to save money on labor cost but you have not seen return on investment and your productivity has gone down because you don't have effective communication strategies with other cultures.
Communicate effectively
Realize ROI
How we do it
We tailor the course for you

We believe in individual approach, that is why we will always customize our courses to make them fit your specific needs best
Cross-cultural communication
This course is a must-take for everyone on your international remote team. It's a series of live webinars or in-house training sessions with 50/50 hands-on and theoretical output.
A custom-based course for developers, managers, designers, and other jobs in tech to enhance their communication skills in English.
A custom-based course for senior professional who would like to enhance their communication skills to pitch clients, negotiate deals, and increase company's revenue.
Team coaching
Take our Communication Guru program for remote teams to get everyone on the same page.
Not only will we help your team speak, write, and understand each other better but we will also have them communicate across cultures easily.
Increase productivity
Invest in yourself and your team in order to build
the best remote-first company culture
Are you ready to get a unique communication strategy for you company?
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