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Workforce Development Courses on Soft Skills and English Proficiency

Sound familiar?
You have a team of rocking professionals, but their English needs to be better to rock foreign clients?
You have clients from different countries, but cultural differences cause difficulties in communication?
You need to make demo presentations, but the technical details are hard to explain to clients in another language?
You want to connect with new clients abroad, but don't feel comfortable using English to reach out on LinkedIn?
We are not only professional English instructors, but we also have backgrounds in the tech industry and regularly attend tech conferences to further improve our knowledge base.
You and your instructor will speak the same languages - the language of English and the language of the tech industry.
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We have many excellent courses, but we also specialize in creating custom courses for individual companies. We consider the needs of your company and design our course to help you achieve your goals.

The entire training process, from initial testing to quarterly reports, will be carried out by our team of professionals at English For IT.
What we do best:
English essentials courses
We cover both IT and non-IT topics.
We are happy to create exclusive tailor-made courses to meet your specific needs.
Soft skills trainings
English For IT's signature courses
We use real-world scenarios in our lessons.
Perfect for any IT professionals wanting to boost their English. We cover both IT and non-IT topics. Upon completion, your team will have increased vocabulary, be able to form sentences more correctly, and will have effective and flexible English skills for purposes both professional and social.
We have developed courses for IT engineers, courses for managers, courses for designers, courses for recruiters and HR specialists, and a Business Communication course beneficial for all IT professionals.
We don't use textbooks - instead, we use real-world scenarios in our lessons.
We offer training sessions to teach people skills needed to be persuasive in English. We go through giving presentations, demonstrations, composing emails, holding meetings, and pitching ideas to clients.
We are happy to create exclusive tailor-made courses to meet your specific needs.
Other useful services we offer:
We can assess the English level of candidates in the recruitment process.
We can assess the English level of employees for performance evaluations.
We can get one of our native English speakers to proofread your texts.
We can offer you a coach program so your team will always have an English mentor handy;
We can host a fun corporate team building event.

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