Is ChatGPT only a buzzword to you? Learn how to leverage this technology and be ahead of the curve!
Where: Zoom meeting
Join our panel discussion on using ChatGPT in teaching English & Soft Skills by English For IT Teacher's Club
When: March 30
Does this sound like you?
You want to be in a loop about modern tools.
You've never tried ChatGPT or you have little experience with it.
You'd like to prepare for lessons faster.
All your colleagues use it, but you don't know how.
At the panel discussion, you will
Learn how the ChatGPT language model works and what pros & cons it has.
Get familiar with the technology limitations and common "don'ts".
Talk with colleagues and learn more about their experience with ChatGPT.
Get practical cases on using the AI-based language model for teaching English & Soft Skills.
Enjoy recommendations for your students on how to learn with ChatGPT.
Learn how AI-based technologies change the way of educating people.
Meet Our Speakers
  • Prashant Shetty
    ESL teacher at English For IT
  • Iryna Pavliv
    ESL teacher at English For IT
  • Sean Miller
    English Language Educator, Teaching Methodology
  • Maria Abramovych
    ESL teacher and school director at ENGLISH78
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