How to become an effective communicator in English

Client and Team Communication in Tech

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Starting date: April 20
Online Crash Course
Who it is for
  • Tech professionals
    who communicate with their foreign customers on an everyday basis
  • Managers in tech
    who have multicultural teams and use English for everyday communication
  • Recruiters and HR managers
    who are in touch with English-speaking customers and candidates
What you will learn:
  • what communication skills you need to improve in the first place;
  • how to overcome cultural barriers, and communicate effectively with your customers and teammates;
  • how to make yourself sound and speak clearly in English to be understood at work;
  • how to give professional demos, provide valuable and constructive feedback, run effective meetings, and write emails and chat messages in English that always get a response.
You will get:
  • A 60-minute webinar with useful tips and resources
  • Communication skills practice in a private channel
  • Access to a private tech English community
Crash course author and speaker
Anna Gandrabura
English and Soft Skills Coach for Tech and Business
  • Founded English For IT in 2012
  • Has taught English for over 14 years, 8 years in tech
  • Works with leading tech companies in Europe and the US: Luxoft, EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly
  • Has studied communication and management at Standford
  • Gives conference talks and conducts master classes around the world. One of Anna’s latest webinars has been watched by over 1000 people in real time
  • Is a member of Web3 Equity and Shrimp Society in Miami; a co-host of the women entrepreneur group GSV Bootcamp
  • Has a YouTube channel about English
  • Blogs on Instagram about motivation, mindset, English and fitness
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