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I am Anna Gandrabura, but call me Annglish; this is because, for a long time, English has been not only part of my name but also my life.
14 years of teaching experience
In 2021 I opened my online English school
Constantly improving and upgrading my English, by visiting the US for several months a year
You will be immediately submerged into the English language environment, absorbing all the information, as I speak English throughout the lessons and webinars.
I teach modern English, using actual idioms and phrasal verbs, that native speakers, such as myself use.
I work without textbooks and follow the program that I build myself, which has proven to be very useful.
Курсы английского языка
Английский язык от Annglish
I teach English on Instagram and YouTube, subscribe, and get free lessons.
Sound Familiar?
You've arrived somewhere abroad, but you are finding it difficult asking for directions, a restaurant bill, or answering questions from locals?
Would like to take a step on your career ladder, but lack of English language knowledge gets in your way?
Do you want to be more successful in your field, study at the best universities and learn from the best teachers, but all of this is only available in English?
Would you like to read books and watch movies in the original language without stress and vocabulary?

Results after taking the course

Expand your vocabulary by at least 1000 words and phrases in two weeks
You are able to get a promotion at work or take on an interesting new project
Understand how basic grammatical sentences are constructed in spoken English
You will be able to learn and improve your professional skills in English
Your English will become modern, without the use of book phrases and outdated expressions
20,000 people have already completed training and improved their English
Annglish Bundle
Language services for bloggers
  • Post caption translation
  • Proof-read your text
  • Improving your pronunciation and speech for videos

Individual lessons and consultations with Anna

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Transforming not only your English but also your life

I will teach you to set goals correctly and achieve them, not only in English
You will transform your thinking
You will stop saying "English is not my thing" to "I can speak English!"
By joining the course you will gain access to a closed community, where you will find useful acquaintances and exclusive information.
Анна Гандрабура

My students share their learning Experience

My mission
My mission - to teach you modern and spoken English, all the while having fun!

With each lesson, you become the best version of yourself, as you receive not only a new portion of knowledge but also motivation to achieve your goals!
Обучение английскому удаленно
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