English On The Road

2 weeks of real life adventures in English with Annglish and Mr.Cotter
Date: July 11
I know how much you love watching my IG stories when I travel. So why not travel with me virtually and improve your English?
I will teach you English while doing a road trip with my friend and english4it.online teacher Mr. Cotter.
Are you to buckle up? Let's goooo
Travel plan
We will visit 2 states together California - Oregon
LA - SF - Portland - any, any small towns on the way
What will you get
Short video and audio lessons daily + live streams
Vocabulary and grammar boost
Real life English practice with a native speaker from the USA
Personalized feedback from a mentor
Speaking and writing practice
Strong community support
Who should join
Anyone who loves learning English with Annglish
Anyone who need that magic kick and extra motivation push
Anyone who likes having fun learning
Anyone from pre-intermediate to advanced
Everyone who wants to stop learning English and start living it
What's unique about it
This is not another course that you buy and never finish. No boring homework
It's not just about English, it's about learning American culture and lifestyle
It's not just a course, it's an opportunity to live American life with Annglish while improving your vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, writing, pronunciation
You will have a detailed plan for your next road trip + recommendations of what to see, do and eat
We will be learning together LIVE. Lots of real practice
Day 2-3
Driving 101, the most beautiful highway in the world. Stopover in Big Sur
Day 1
We are in LA
Day 4
San Francisco. Stop by a friends house to say hi
Day 5
Go wine tasting at one
or two Napa valley vineyards
Day 7-8
in Portland
Day 6
Heading to Portland from Napa: Mt Hood, Mt Shasta,
Day 9
in Redding, heading back to LA
How to join
Pick one of the options to get in
(two weeks of practicing cost you 2 coffees and two cakes)
Buy Annglish & Mr.Cotter coffee & muffins
Buy Annglish & Mr.Cotter fuel for the trip
Own a course
nft and donate to support Ukrainian refugees
Treat the teachers with a glass of wine to enjoy at the end of the day
The best time to start learning English is NOW.
We guarantee:
You will start thinking in English
You will start understand American accent
You will get an injection of motivation
and energy from Annglish
You will learn more in two weeks that
in 2 months with your private teacher
You will get more than you give.
You will get more than you give.
We set a really low price so that everyone could join
You will be on the road with
Anna Gandrabura also known as ANNGLISH
Has been teaching English for over 14 years. Lives in the United States and frequently visits at least 5 countries annually. Speaks like a native. Anna is the founder of her own school of English — English For IT.
Chris Cotter
The best compliment for me would be that I'm a great teacher. This is something I'm striving for. I can't take credit for things like my appearance.
Let's get in touch!
If you have any questions or concerns - get in touch with us via Telegram