One-to-one English program for elementary level

From Zero to Hero
Самостоятельное изучение английского
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Hello my name is
Anna Gandrabura!
I am the founder of the English For IT school of English for IT professionals.
I have 10+ years of experience teaching English, and I know what kind of challenges learners face at each level. It has probably been your dream to learn English, but you don't know where to start!

I want to help you!
I created an individual
As well as a list of 50 phrases for spoken English and a weekly program.

With these phrases, you will take the first step in learning English easily. In this tutorial, you will find the most important and useful links to resources to improve:
Let's start right now!
I have already distributed the workload in a way that learning will be easy and fun

I have also made a progress tracker with which you can record your progress.
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