Individual Study Program for Intermediate

Make English an integral part of your life, so you never have to learn it again.
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This is Annglish!
And I am going to teach you English!
I created this guide to help you learn a language in an exciting way, refresh your approach to learning, and improve your Intermediate level.

I'll show you how to make English an integral part of your life, so you don't have to go back to long courses or a tutor and learn it again in a few years!
In this program
Recommendations on how to effectively improve your level
Daily training program
Useful resources (websites, podcasts, TV series, media)
50 commonly mispronounced words
Useful expressions and phrasal verbs
Analysis of common mistakes
This program is for you if
Your level is pre-intermediate or intermediate
You want to practice speaking, but you have no one to practice English with
You've learned grammar before but forgot most of it
You have a good vocabulary, but it is difficult for you to understand when others speak
You've noticed that you have stopped progressing in English
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The program is not a tutorial, but we will advise
what tutorials are suitable for your level and goals,
and also indicate where to buy them.
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