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IT English Challenge
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IT professionals
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the crash course will help you boost your technical and business English
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Good English opens doors to a successful career in tech!
Crash course overview
Day 1
• How to improve English for the tech industry and do so in the shortest amount of time?
• SMART English Goals: how to actually achieve your language goals?
• How can you level up to Upper-Intermediate quickly?
• Why do tech professionals with the upper-intermediate English level earn around $700 more than their counterparts? 

– You will have learned to set smart language goals that are within your reach 
– You will receive a vocabulary cheat sheet containing the most useful expressions any Upper-Intermediate level student should know
Day 2
• How to start speaking and writing in English so that you feel confident communicating with customers and colleagues?
• How to maintain any conversation in English? We’ll focus on expanding your vocabulary so that you are prepared to handle any tech topic
• Why do foreign colleagues and customers have a hard time understanding you? We’ll focus on improving your pronunciation and sentence structure

– You will have learned how to improve your English for a successful career in tech
– You will receive a list of essential grammar topics with practical uses cases in the context of the tech industry
– You will review success stories that prove how knowing English can help you grow in your career
Day 3
• 5 reasons why you’re still not fluent in English 
• How can you learn to speak in meetings, write emails, and conduct presentations and demos easily and without fear? 
• Common mistakes that create roadblocks for tech professionals 

– You will have created a roadmap for learning English successfully 
– You will have removed common mistakes from your speech 
– You will receive a list of useful phrases for emails, meetings and presentations that you can use at work
You will also get
Access to a private tech English community
English practice and tasks
Useful cheat sheets and resources
A boost in your English in just 3 days
No chatbots.
Guaranteed real-time communication with the speaker, mentor, and participants of the crash course.
Crash course author and speaker
Anna Gandrabura
English and Soft Skills Coach for Tech and Business
  • Founded English For IT in 2012
  • Has taught English for over 14 years, 8 years in tech
  • Works with leading tech companies in Europe and the US: Luxoft, EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly
  • Has studied communication and management at Standford
  • Gives conference talks and conducts master classes around the world. One of Anna’s latest webinars has been watched by over 1000 people in real time.
  • Mentors and develops a product management community in Odessa in partnership with Product Tank
  • Has a YouTube channel about English .
  • Blogs on Instagram about motivation, mindset, English and fitness
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