Modern English Challenge

2 days of full English immersion right in your phone
October 30-31
How to memorize words?
How to understand grammar?
Why can't I learn English?
How can I start speaking fluently in 2 months?
These are the questions I regularly get from friends and subscribers
My free challenge will give you the answers!
The challenge is for you if
You want to fast-track (= speed up) your progress in English
What you'll learn during the challenge
How to boost (= improve) your fluency and start making consistent progress in English
Effective methods of learning
new words
Top words and phrases commonly
used by native speakers
Which grammar topics you need
to master (= learn well) first
Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate levels
The challenge is perfect for you if you are
*Not sure what English level you have?
Take our free level test
Challenge program
Day 1
Live webinar "How to reach the next level of English in 30 days if you don't have much free time"

📍 In the webinar, you'll learn about:
🇺🇸 Grammar you need to know for 90% of conversations.
🇺🇸 Top 3 ways to memorize new words
🇺🇸 The easiest way to understand Present Perfect
🇺🇸 Why should you stop using "will" for future
🇺🇸 How to reach the next level of English in 30 days
Day 2
Recap & Learn more in the chat 💬

📍 Recap (=summarize) what you learned during the webinar and learn more:
🇺🇸 Top words and phrases that native speakers use
🇺🇸 What dictionaries are best to use
🇺🇸 Practice & start your English journey
🇺🇸 Q&A

Anna Gandrabura
also known as ANNGLISH
Anna Gandrabura, the founder of English For IT, has been teaching English for over 10 years. Anna is currently based in the US and her English can prove it.

«I have a special knack for teaching modern English. My approach isn't just based on teaching rules. I teach through motivation, fun content and upbeat delivery to help you memorize and apply English in your life."

Can you picture yourself using an idiom in every other sentence just like native speakers do? I'll tell you exactly how to make that a reality. Welcome to my challenge!
Challenge author and speaker
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