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Today is the day to change your life for the better.

Power up your English!

1. You studied English in school but never got as good as you wanted to be.

2. You want to understand what your favorite singers are singing about, and what today's popular bloggers are writing about.

3. You want to take the leap from Elementary to Intermediate.

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then we welcome you to the new Modern English Course by Annglish!
In this course we work with
Top grammar topics and forms for everyday communication to speak fluently and be prepared for any situation
Modern Vocabulary
No obsolete, worn-out phrases from textbooks, instead the ones you hear from native speakers, in movies or find on the internet
Common Mistakes

We will make your speech correct and clear, and show you when it is acceptable to make "mistakes".
Speaking & Pronunciation
Practice speaking with your smartphone. We'll help you with your intonation and pronunciation so that you sound like a native speaker.
The results that you are surely going to achieve!
Learn to introduce yourself and answer basic questions in English
Expand your basic vocabulary with less common but useful words
Master the modern grammar that native speakers use.
Fix common mistakes
Course Format
30 days of useful new information
Lesson format
Interactive with text, video, audio and a quiz. Homework assigned after each lesson.
When you've finished a topic, take a day off then start the next one.
Practice on our platform
Using online practice like at American universities
14 video lessons
+ 4 webinars
Each with new vocabulary and tips on how to understand grammar and remember the words quickly
Assignment checking

Teachers check all the assignments in your account to make your learning experience effective and reliable
For 6 months

You'll have access to all the materials of the course in your account + a new livestream once a month.
Course Program
Topic 1
Getting to know each other
  • Confidently introduce yourself in English
  • Ask and answer basic questions
Topic 2
Food delivery apps + restaurants
  • Know the basic phrases used at restaurants to order food.
  • Be able to engage in small talk
  • Knowing what soft skills are, and why they are important.
Topic 3
Home office/hotel + there is vs. there are
  • You can tell and show where something is, in English
  • You can form a dialogue at a hotel reception desk
  • You can ask for directions and explain a city route to someone
Topic 4
Daily routine/responsibilities/duties
  • You'll be able to describe your daily tasks
  • You'll know how to introduce yourself in English
Topic 5
Your current tasks at home and work
  • You'll know how to describe your current tasks at home/work
  • You will expand your vocabulary with new words and expressions.
Topic 6
What did you do yesterday?
  • You'll be able to explain what you did yesterday
  • You can tell a story about the most exciting events in your life
Topic 7
Tell me about your first time travelling
  • You'll be able to talk about any situation that you experienced in the past
  • You'll have learned words and phrases to describe your travels
Topic 8
What's your hobby? (talking about abilities)
  • You can talk about your hobbies: what skills you've acquired, what you can and cannot do
  • You'll have an understanding of the basic principles of successful communication
Topic 9
Online vs. offline work/study
  • You'll be able to express your opinions correctly
  • You'll be able to correctly ask questions in English
Topic 10
Healthy lifestyle
  • You'll know what Polite English is
  • You'll be able to politely give advice and recommendations
Topic 11
  • You can draw comparisons; for example, why a certain brand has an advantage over another
  • You can ask for clarifying information in English
Topic 12
Planning tasks
  • You can talk about your plans
  • You'll know how to agree/disagree politely in English
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Course Instructor
Anna Gandrabura
also known as ANNGLISH
- Has been teaching English for more than 13 years
- Spends several months a year in the US
- Speaks like a native
- Founder of English For IT school.

“My special talent is teaching modern English. I don't just give you the rules, I motivate you by presenting them in an accessible way and share the most efficient methods for mastering vocabulary and grammar.

Want to use an idiom in every other sentence? I'll teach you how in this course! Welcome aboard!”
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Modern English
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How often are the lessons scheduled to happen?
Lessons will take place once every two days.
What is the lesson duration?
On average 15-20 minutes. This length is so that you are not bombarded with information, and so your time isn't wasted on heaps of information you can't digest! We want you to get the most use out of our lessons without having to spend too much of your valuable time. (Studies show that a person's attention span ranges from 5 minutes to about 20.)
How much time should I set aside for homework?
15-20 mins.
How long will the course materials be available to me?
Your access to your course materials will be for a lifetime! (So you can brush up on your idioms in 20 years' time!)
How do I gain access to my personal library?
You will receive access to your personal library via email as soon as you make a purchase. If you have taken an Annglish course in the past, this course will be added to your existing account.
Will the lessons be recorded?
Of course! Your personal library will contain lesson information and details, as well as notes, which you can access at any time. 
Will I be able to practice conversational English during the course?
Yes. In every course, there is room for you to practice your conversational English, in closed chat, telegram or on our platform.
Where do I find notes and answers from my mentor regarding my tasks?
Mentors will leave comments and corrections on your completed tasks which you will be able to locate in your private library.
What levels is this course meant for?
This course is intended for students with Elementary level.
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