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10 video lessons by Anna Gandrabura that will improve your pronunciation and get rid of your accent
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You: I consider myself to have good conversational English, I have a broad vocabulary, but native speakers don't understand me. Why?
Me: This is most likely because you mispronounce some words, use wrong emphasis, and your intonation is monotonous.
In this course we will cover
Complex sounds
Most people mispronounce these sounds: TH, W vs V, T & D, R and I.
In this course, you will receive practical advice on how to pronounce these sounds easily and correctly.
Russian and Ukrainian intonation varies greatly from that of the English language. That is why the native speakers do not understand you. Don't worry! We will fix everything
Putting correct emphasis on words
Even the simplest of words can be confusing if you put the wrong emphasis on them. We will cover all of the cases
Common mistakes
You will get the top 70 mispronounced words and dozens of rules on how to avoid making pronunciation mistakes.
This course is suitable for all levels

From Elementary to Advanced,
and even for English teachers.
Course format
From 10 days to 5 weeks, depending on the level of intensity you choose
Start Date
Any time after you purchase the course
Motivation and interesting tasks from Anna - you will not quit halfway.
10 video lessons on a closed platform
Practice complex sounds, stress, intonation, and correct common mistakes. Watch lessons whenever and wherever it is convenient. From a computer, tablet, or phone. You only need the internet.
Community chat
Ask your questions in the Telegram chat, communicate with other participants, ask Anna questions personally (only for the Premium package)
Lifetime access
Access to materials in your personal library + a new live broadcast once a month
This course is for you if
You are often misunderstood in conversation
When you speak English, you are often misunderstood by both native and non-native speakers.
You have a strong accent

You want to get rid of your accent but don't know how.
You want to improve
You are a beginner or advanced English speaker but desire to get even better.

Course results

Correctly putting emphasis on words
Getting rid of a harsh accent
You will learn to pronounce easy and difficult sounds
Speak with correct intonation
Course Topics
Break down of sounds (phonology)
a vs e, t/d, w vs. v, i, r, l, o, th. The secret technique for correctly pronouncing complex sounds
  • Understand the technique used in pronunciation
  • Pronounce the sounds a vs e, t / d, w vs v, i, r, l, o, th sounds correctly
Word intonation rules
  • Know the basic rules when emphasizing words
  • Know how to emphasize correctly even with the most difficult words
Words that everyone mispronounces
  • You can pronounce easy as well as difficult words without any mistakes
  • You can speak without any errors
  • Know the principles of correct intonation;
  • Speak with correct intonation
  • Correctly pronounce words and sounds
  • Getting rid of a harsh accent
What our students enjoy
Great course structure, top-quality content, interesting facts about American culture, and motivation to keep you going. On top of that, Anna’s pronunciation is simply amazing!


I loved the modern, practical approach. I never once felt bored (which happened a lot with other courses). I’m very happy I took the course and I’m sure I’ll soon be putting this new knowledge into practice!


Varied content - videos, articles, live lessons and home tasks. Everything adds up to teaching you to use English like a native speaker. I especially enjoyed getting feedback on my homework. It really allowed me to get rid of my most persistent mistakes.
Anna’s way of teaching proved to be very effective. I loved the format of quick videos and live streams and was able to understand and remember everything I was learning.


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Course by
Anna Gandrabura
also known as ANNGLISH
- Has been teaching English for more than 13 years
- Spends several months a year in the US
- Speaks like a native
- Founder of English For IT school.

“My special talent is teaching modern English. I don't just give you the rules, I motivate you by presenting them in an accessible way and share the most efficient methods for mastering vocabulary and grammar.

Want to use an idiom in every other sentence? I'll teach you how in this course! Welcome on board!”
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When is the course start date?
You can start the course at any time it is convenient for you. Take the course at your own pace. You can always get advice or ask a question in the community chat.
How to gain access to your personal library?
After paying for the package you have chosen, you will receive an email with a confirmation of payment and details of access to your personal account and video tutorials via email, specified during registration.
What is the course duration?
We recommend that you set aside 5 weeks for 10 lessons, taking 2 lessons and doing the assignments each week. This way you will not be overwhelmed, and you will have enough time to complete the assignments and practice. But you can take the lessons more intensively if it's more convenient for you.
How can I check completed assignments?
Assignments will be reviewed by the course mentor depending on the package you selected.
What level is this course suitable for?
This course is suitable for everyone from elementary to advanced, even for English teachers.
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