Dear fellow teachers!
I have 14 years of teaching experience from elementary to advanced. In addition, I received a CELTA certificate in New York and a diploma from the University of Oregon (USA), took courses at Stanford University and various trainings around the world.

My 14 years of experience teaching and learning modern English is gathered together in one guide for English teachers to make use of.

Анна Гандрабура айд для преподвателей
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What will you find in the guide:
Authentic classroom preparation materials for modern lessons
Websites, articles, podcasts, YouTube channels, and movies that I use in my classes
Development plan
How teachers can develop their English and keep up with their students
What is CELTA, how to teach CELTA and who needs this certificate?
The guide will be your reference book for preparing and conducting classes, as well as developing yourself as a specialist.
Everyone who purchases the guide will receive an invitation to my private chat for English teachers - Teachers Community
In the chat, you will receive valuable materials, communicate with peers, find answers to your questions and progress together with like-minded people. This will be a great support in developing your teaching career.

Price: $20