English For Tech
10 live online webinars which will help level up
your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and soft skills

Starting date: October 19, 2020
English For Tech
10 live online webinars which will help level up
your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and soft skills

Starting date: October 19, 2020
Course Overview
October 19, 2020
Monday and Wednesday 7PM - 9PM EST
10 live webinars, 2 hours each
What's in it for you?
We have tailored our lessons so that they cover the most important tech-related topics and address common pain points experienced
by tech professionals
  • Vocabulary
    You'll learn not just individual words but also phrases and idioms you'll be able to use correctly in context
  • Grammar
    We'll focus on the grammar you'll actually need for work communication and correct common mistakes
  • Speaking
    A big part of the course is centered around perfecting speaking skills. Get ready to erase communication barrier
  • Pronunciation
    You'll learn how to correctly pronounce tech terms and common expressions, improve your accent and intonation
  • Soft skills
    Upgrade your business communication skills: emailing, chatting, communication in Jira, GitHub, etc, making presentations, speaking at meetings.
  • Error Correction and Q&A
    You'll have a chance to ask instructors questions and get feedback all throughout the course. You will also get personalized error correction and recommendations
Who is this course for?
  • Tech professionals
    If you want to get promoted, land a dream job and increase your salary
  • Managers and executives
    You'll get a better handle on tech English and improve your grammar
  • Recruiters and HR
    If you're new to the tech sphere and want to build better rapport with your colleagues, this is a good place to start
  • Students
    Being able to communicate effectively is as important as writing clean code
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Course breakdown
10 live webinars
Interactive 2-hour webinars with English teachers and professionals currently working in tech, taking place 2 times a week.
It's not just a lecture, you will be actively involved in the learning process and getting a lot of speaking practice.
You will get feedback and personalized error correction from our instructors at each webinar and all throughout the course. You can also choose to book a one-to-one free consultation with an instructor during the course or upon completing it.
Daily Practice
Aside from the webinars, you will also be getting daily tasks which will take you 5-10 minutes to complete. This adds to the immersive learning experience and helps you acquire language skills in a more natural way.
Mentorship and motivation
The course curator will always be there to track your progress and answer your questions in the private chat.
Thе most actively engaged student will win a free 1-hour job interview preparation lesson at the end of the course
Why choose an online course with live webinars?
Almost all communication is tech is done online through video calls, emails and chatting. We are simulating real use cases.
Our approach
70% of all tasks on the course are practice-oriented and focused on developing speaking and writing skills
We have synthesized the most important 20% of what you need to know to communicate effectively. Now, you'll just have to put 80% of your time into learning and practicing
We are using fun and stimulating exercises
Course Program
Each webinar consists of 5 parts: topic+vocabulary, grammar, soft skills, pronunciation & speaking/writing
  • New Jobs in Tech
    Grammar: Present Tenses
    Soft skills focus: How to talk about yourself and what you do
    Pronunciation: How to pronounce top tech jobs in English correctly
    Speaking: Pitching yourself
  • Startup World
    Grammar: Past Simple vs Present Perfect
    Soft skills focus: How to pitch your idea or your company (elevator pitch)
    Pronunciation: Intonation
    Speaking: Presenting your pitch
  • Programming Languages
    Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives
    Soft skills focus: Effective communication in Jira, GitHub, etc.
    Pronunciation: How to correctly pronounce programming languages in English
    Speaking: Talking about pros and cons, comparing things
  • Version Control Systems
    Grammar: Countable & Uncountable Nouns
    Soft skills focus: Top soft skills you need to go up the career ladder
    Pronunciation: Top commonly mispronounced tech words (part 1)
    Speaking: Talking about your latest task. What have you done?
  • Software Testing
    Grammar: Passive Voice
    Soft skills focus: How to talk about bad news or failures
    Pronunciation: Top commonly mispronounced tech words (part 2)
    Speaking: Describing the testing process that needed to be performed
  • Trending Technology
    Grammar: Will (Future Simple) vs Be going to
    Soft skills focus: How to create a good LinkedIn profile in English
    Pronunciation: How to pronounce verbs with -ed ending
    Speaking: Answering job interview questions about your future plans
  • Software Development Cycle
    Grammar: Modals (can/could/should/have to/must)
    Soft skills focus: How to take part in a standup meeting
    Pronunciation: Common Technologies
    Speaking: Answering the questions at a standup meeting
  • Rules of Chatting in Tech
    Grammar: Bad grammar for chatting
    Soft skills focus: How to use and say common abbreviations and acronyms
    Pronunciation: Words with weird pronunciation
    Writing: Chat away
  • Mentorship
    Grammar: Making requests
    Soft skills focus: Top tips to progress in your career
    General: Common Mistakes that non-native speakers make
  • Job interview & CV writing
    Grammar: Adjectives and Adverbs (good examples for CV)
    Soft skills focus: Small talk
    Pronunciation: phrasal verbs/ work-related idioms
    Writing: CV
    Speaking: Job Interview
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You'll get a certificate verifying that you successfully completed the course.
The certificate will come in useful:

In your professional life: it adds a bonus point to your resume and proves your business English proficiency

As a personal achievement: it feels good to have tangible proof that you have cleared another milestone towards self-improvement

When you want to show off: proudly display it to your friends and co-workers and inspire them to invest in their personal development
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