The legendary English For Tech is back! This time with a focus on speaking and listening.

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Speaking & Listening
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This course is suitable for intermediate to upper-intermediate students
  • 1
    Video lessons in English, with lessons from native speakers
  • 2
    Advanced vocabulary for work in IT
  • 3
    Learn more grammar and avoid common mistakes
  • 4
    At least 10 minutes of speaking practice in every lesson
Who is this course for?
  • Software Developers
    Communicate with your international customers and navigate through your day speaking English
  • IT Managers
    Perfect your technical vocabulary and business communication skills
  • Recruiters & HR

    Understand IT terms, improve your technical English, evaluate candidates’ English level
  • IT Students
    Enter the field the best way possible: with good English!

Anna Gandrabura
English For IT Founder
“In the IT industry, we mostly speak English to other people who also speak English. That’s why we created this course focussed on listening and speaking.”
“In the IT industry, we mostly speak English to other people who also speak English. That’s why we created this course focussed on listening and speaking.”
Anna Gandrabura
English For IT Founder

Modern idioms, collocations, and other words relevant to the module

Gerunds vs infinitives

Soft skills focus
People skills: more important than you may think

Technology-related words

Describe the tech stack you used in a project

  • Know how to describe the peculiarities, the pros and cons of a particular tech stack
  • Know how to justify your choice of stack
  • Be able to use common phrases to give feedback, ask questions, check-in, etc.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes when using gerunds and infinitives
Want to know your level of English?
Take our free test before starting the course and get some tips on what to work on.
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How this course works
  • You will have your own account with access to all materials;
  • 60 video lessons, with both recorded lessons and live classes;
  • Regular practice;
  • Short tests after each module;
  • Private chat with other students and mentors;
  • Personal mentor to guide you through the material;
  • Certificate upon completion;
This is a 6-week course. After this, you will have an extra 2 weeks to finish and prepare for the final test.
The results
  • 1
    You’ll learn how to best present your achievements and navigate everyday tasks in English
  • 2
    You’ll learn how to improve your skills learning from authentic, real-life English sources
  • 3
    You’ll boost your vocabulary and fix common grammar and pronunciation mistakes
  • 4
    You’ll learn digital communication in English with people from other cultures and improve your soft skills for working in a team
Our course staff
  • Аnna Gandrabura
    Course creator
    • Founded English For IT in 2012
    • 14 years of English-teaching experience, plus 8 years in IT
    • Works with leading US and European IT companies (EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly)
    • Studied Communication and Management at Stanford University
    • Holds regular workshops and participates in conferences worldwide
  • Karuna
    Course speaker
    Karuna has more than 7 years of experience in the IT industry

    • Got his start with Microsoft, now works for clients all over the world
    • Mentors our Lean Coffee Speaking Club at English For IT every Friday
    • Experienced in cross-cultural communication and working with multicultural teams
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It is great for:
Our students in leading IT companies
Why did they come to us to learn English?
There is one simple answer - the best jobs in IT require English.
But also:
  • To advance to a senior position
  • To stand out from the competition and get a good job with a good salary
  • To read professional books in English
  • To work with international clients on global projects
  • To prepare and be ready for new projects that require English, whenever they may come
  • To write a CV, create a LinkedIn profile, pass an interview, and land that dream job!
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