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In 30 days, you will boost your vocabulary to 2000 new words and idioms! Learn basic grammar by devoting 15 minutes a day to interactive activities on your smartphone.

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У вас тоже так?
Постоянно путаетесь
во временах

Знаете мало слов, чтобы читать и смотреть фильмы без словаря
Учите английский,
но результата мало
Course Format
12 Topics
Video lessons straight into your personal library
5+1 Webinars
5 Webinars and 1 live lesson with Anna
from 15 minutes
15 minutes classes on your smartphone
Private Chat
Chat live, with Anna and other course members
Course Format
30 days of useful new information
Lesson format
Interactive with text, video, audio and a quiz. Homework assigned after each lesson.
When you've done the topic, take a day off and then start the second one.
Practice on our platform
Using online practice like in American universities
20 video lessons
+ 5 webinars
With new vocabulary and tips on how to understand grammar and remember the words quickly
Assignment checking

Teachers check all the assignments in your account to make your learning experience efficient
For 6 months

You'll have access to all the materials of the course in your account + a new livestream once a month.
Course Speaker -
Anna Gandrabura!
  • Teaches English, using modern techniques without the use of textbooks.
  • Most of the year she lives in the USA.
  • Her English is indistinguishable from a native speaker.
  • Anna runs her own blog on Instagram, where she shares useful. information, and advice regarding the English language to an audience of 50k followers.
  • Founder of English For IT & Annglish.
  • Studied business communication at Stanford.
I will help you overcome your language obstacles
This course is for you if
You studied English in school but never learned it you your satisfactory level.
Want to understand basic grammar topics and build vocabulary all at the same time.
Want to overcome the language barrier and speak with confidence.
Want to fix common mistakes
Want to improve your English by at least 1 level.
Course Benefits
Useful vocabulary from modern sources
We do not use standard textbooks
Suitable for any age and profession
The program is organized by levels
Interactive tasks and quizzes that will help you grasp the material
We teach only those topics that are used in day-to-day life
Feedback from teachers for all levels
We teach only grammar that will be useful to you in conversation
Understand basic grammar topics and tenses
You will be able to understand native speakers and films in English, much quicker
Be able to show off your knowledge of idioms and phrasal verbs in your speec
Make fewer grammatical mistakes
We guarantee exceptional results if you complete all the tasks and Anna's course recommendations
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The Vocabulary & Grammar course has two levels.
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Level 2
Intermediate — Upper-Intermediate
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