Topic 1. Extra tasks
Extra Tasks – дополнительные задания по грамматике, которые вы можете выполнять по желанию и если хотите дополнительной нагрузки. Ответы на эти задания не нужно постить в Телеграм чате, вы можете проверить себя сами. Ответы будут сразу после задания. Но если у вас возникнут вопросы, пишите обязательно их в чате
Extra task 1
Check what you know. Complete the gaps with the verb in the right form (Present Simple or Present Continuous)

What daily routine works for you?

First thing, I always set my alarm for 6:00–6:30am. I _______(go) to the gym or hike depending on where I am.
I write down what I _________ (plan) to do today.
I get dressed and put on my makeup. Something about “preparing” and looking ready _______ (help) me feel more confident.
I go to my work space that only _______ (have) what I need to work.
After lunch when my brain _______(to be) sick and tired of technical things, I normally have most calls scheduled (most of my clients are in different time zones).
I save the late afternoon for more creative work because this is when I’m exhausted. Any writing usually works out really well during this time.
Around 7–8pm, I go to the gym and lift weights.
Night time is for learning. I _______(practice) another language for an hour, I read chapters in the books I’m working through, and I catch up on articles.
Productivity is not about following others’ schedules to a tee; it’s about knowing yourself and what works for you.

Answer Key to Extra Task 1:

1. Go 2. Am planning 3. Helps 4. Has 5. Is 6. Practice