Vocabulary & Grammar

1. Tenses: simple tenses
Reinforce your knowledge of basic tenses in English

2. Storytelling: past tenses
You will easily distinguish between all Past tenses and know where Past Simple and Present Perfect is needed

3. Comparatives and superlatives
Learn to compare correctly, talk about advantages and disadvantages

4. Prepositions
Get rid of common preposition mistakes. Figure out the difference between at / in/ on once and for all

5. Articles
Learn fixed expressions with articles and master the logic of their application without having to cram the rules

6. Modal verbs
Learn to use modal verbs as they are used in modern English
7. Gerunds vs Infinitives
Broaden your vocabulary with new verbs and understand the difference between an infinitive and a gerund

8. Conditionals: I+II
Get rid of errors in conditional statements with "if" and "when"

9. Common Mistakes
Correct common grammatical mistakes

10. Word order & sentence structure
Learn to write proper, coherent sentences

11. A few/a little/some/any
What is the difference between these words and how to correctly say "a little", "a little", etc.