Vocabulary & Grammar

1. Tenses: full overview
Master the tenses that will really come in handy when you communicate

2. Storytelling : narrative + would/used to
Learn to describe what happened to you in the past the same way native speakers do.

3. Prepositions
A complete overview of the most problematic prepositions in English

4. Modal verbs
Learn to use modal verbs correctly. Learn the difference between "should" and "had to", "must" and "must have"

5. Gerunds vs Infinitives
Understand how the gerund differs from the infinitive and augment your vocabulary with shopping vocabulary
6. Conditions: all types
Overview of 1, 2, 3, and mixed types of subordinate clauses

7. A few/a little/some/any
Master the grammatical difference between countable and uncountable nouns, and what words to use with them

8. Punctuation
An overview of punctuation rules in English - where to put a comma, colon, dash, etc.

9. Advanced grammar constructions: inversion, etc
Learn advanced modern building blocks to help you be on the same page with native speakers