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Course length
2 weeks of all new, useful information
13 topics
Video, audio and text lessons based on modern sources
Every day - video, text, audio, quiz all in a private chat
5 recorded webinars
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This course is for you if you
Studied English at school but never fully mastered it
Want to broaden your vocabulary with modern phrases
Want to overcome the language barrier and speak with confidence
Want to correct common speech errors and understand native speakers
Want to improve your English by at least 1 level and watch movies without a dictionary
Course benefits
Useful vocabulary from modern sources and no textbooks!
We teach only those topics that are often used in day-to-day life (we will not talk about the weather in this course)
The learning process takes 15 to 60 minutes a day
Suitable for any age and profession
Focus on results: complete all tasks sequentially and you will surely see results much faster
Practice on the platform
We use the same techniques for online practice as those used at American universities.
Interactive tasks and quizzes to aid you in mastering the material
Feedback from the course mentor in your personal account
Course Program
Topic 1
  • know how to introduce yourself in English
  • know the difference between "Nice to see you!" and "Nice to meet you!"
  • know phrasal verbs and idioms for communication
Topic 2
Synonyms & Antonyms
  • know at least 100 more words, thanks to synonyms and antonyms
  • know how to quickly memorize synonyms for complex words
  • know where to look for synonyms and antonyms for words
Topic 3
  • know the basic grammatical structures in English
  • know how to correct grammatical errors in sentences
  • learn new words and expressions for conversing
Topic 4
Relationship Vocab
  • learn words and phrases for better communication with colleagues and friends
  • know how to speak competently about your past, present, and future relationships in English
Topic 5
Word Order
  • use the correct word order in sentences
  • know how to use inversion correctly
  • learn new words and expressions for conversing
Topic 6
Social English
  • know the properties of communication and the rules for communicating in an English-speaking environment
  • know how to respond to various sentences in English
  • learn new words and expressions for conversing
Topic 7
  • learn words and phrases for online and offline shopping;
  • know how to write shopping reviews on products.
Topic 8
  • know the words and phrases used when going to a cafe and restaurant
  • know how to place an order and ask questions in English
  • know how to describe your trip to a restaurant
Topic 9
American vs British
  • know the difference between American and British English
  • know how to describe events that happened in the past
  • know how to convert words from American English to British and vice versa
Topic 10
  • know phrases for daily communication in English
  • replenish your vocabulary by at least 20 new words
  • take a couple of steps closer towards confident communication in English
Topic 11
  • know how to use connecting words
  • know how to react to words and expressions
  • learn new words and expressions for conversing
Topic 12
Business Vocabulary
  • know English words and jargon needed in business communication 
  • know how to use them in practice
  • know how to use prepositions for different situations
Topic 13
Common Mistakes
  • fix common mistakes in English
  • learn new words and expressions for conversing
  • know how to use them in practice
Learn vocabulary that will come in handy in different life situations
You will be able to understand films in English, and native speakers much faster
Show off your knowledge of idioms and phrasal verbs in your speech
You will be more confident when speaking in English
Course Speaker -
Anna Gandrabura!
  • Teaches English, using modern techniques without the use of textbooks
  • Most of the year she lives in the USA
  • Her English is indistinguishable from a native speaker's
  • Anna runs her own blog on Instagram, where she shares useful information and advice about the English language to an audience of 50k followers
  • Founder of English For IT & Annglish
  • Studied business communication at Stanford
Lesson Examples
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Additionally, you will receive:

Checklist "100 basic phrasal verbs"
Top 3000 words

List of 3000 words you need to know for Upper-intermediate

50 commonly mispronounced words

10 video lessons with idioms as a gift
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