Nail your job interview in English!
—Learn practical tips and tricks on how to get better at interviews
—Upgrade your resume and LinkedIn profile
—Get real feedback
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It’s a comprehensive custom-tailored English & soft skills lesson that you can take at your own pace!
Create a resume that gets you interviews
Your resume is a marketing tool. Learn to leverage it as such
Revamp your LinkedIn page
Your LinkedIn page is an extension of your resume. Learn how to use it to get recruiters’ interest
Boost your interview skills
How do you answer questions like “What can you tell us about your background”? Learn how to handle behavioral interviews using the proper structure and strategy.
Get feedback

Do interactive tasks and get feedback from tutors at English For IT
Who is the workbook for?
Newcomers in tech
You’re just starting your professional journey in tech and need a little guidance
Career switchers
You need to get used to a new way of communicating and describing your experience
Seasoned software developers and managers
You want to grow in your career, learn how to do better in interviews and work with cross-cultural teams
It all started with English For Tech
So many tech professionals are kicking ass in their jobs but struggle when it comes to communicating in English
In 2019, we designed an online course English For Tech, with the goal of teaching tech professionals around the world real-life language skills that will help them communicate more effectively and boost their careers.
So many software developers ace the coding portion of their interview only to fail the behavioral one
Since then, over 1000 students have completed the English For Tech course and got closer to the life and career of their dreams.
This is what our students say
Irina Karpenko
Manager at a manufacturing company 
Even though I don’t work in IT, I chose to take the English For IT Communication course because I have to communicate with clients and colleagues as part of my job. The course gave me practical tips on how to handle written communication, meetings, team discussions, etc. I was able to put into practice everything I learned during this course.
Eugene Matiuk
Software developer
I started to feel more confident when communicating with clients and customers. Every lesson contained useful expressions, idioms, and cross-cultural communication tips which really helped me to both revise what I already knew and acquire new knowledge.
Daria Lurovska
QA engineer
I came across the English For Tech course at exactly the right time. I had just found a new job at an international company and needed to update my LinkedIn profile. The course gave me a comprehensive overview of how to go about creating a LinkedIn profile that stands out. Also, I really enjoyed the tips and exercises on cross-cultural communication and polite English.
Tatiana Komar
IT student
After being stuck at the Intermediate level for so long, I am so happy to see that every English assessment test I now take says that my level is Upper-Intermediate. On top of that, it got much easier for me to talk to recruiters and do interviews in English.
Meet the author
Anna Gandrabura
Founded English For IT in 2012
Has been teaching English for 14 years — 8 years in IT
Works with leading European and American companies (EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly and others)
Studied Communication and Management at Stanford offline
Holds workshops and takes part in conferences worldwide. One of Anna’s webinars was streamed to over 1000 people
• Organizes meet-ups at Product Tank for the product management community in Odessa
• Has a YouTube channel about English
Has an Instagram blog on motivation, mindfulness, English and sports
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